My Errant Blog Post

10-10 Car Go Bag

This week I intended to start a series of posts on Pre-Listing/Pre-Market inspections. I had the best of intentions but ended up with this instead. So here it is, short and sweet. Just do it!

Notes: Can use a thrift store duffle bag or even better a backpack. Remember this is for grab-and-go and you may be duplicating some items that you leave in your car permanently. I’ve divided this into two sections. The outer pocket list is stuff you might use more often and would want easier access to.


1. Good and cheap canteen, filled with water, wrapped with good quality duct tape
2. 1 MRE or freeze dried camping meal
3. Old pair of glasses in a hard case
4. Decent quality fixed blade survival knife with firestarter
5. Ball cap
6. Good quality, packable, raincoat. Sourced from a thrift store.
7. Packable, small, down jacket. Sourced from thrift store.
8. Pair of old low-cut hiking boots. Stuff shoes with good wool hat and pair of wool socks.
9. Cheap radio with weather band
10. Mini survival kit in zipper bag

  • Waterproof matches and waterproof container with sewing needle wrapped in duct tape
    • Partial roll of brightly colored marking tape
    • 50 ft of parachute cord
    • Bic lighter
    • Water purifying tablets
    • Signaling mirror
    • Small weather or other radio
    • 8 AA batteries taped together
    • Fire starting tinder
    • Compass

Can substitute some of these items for the Walmart 6 in 1 survival match holder container


1. Handheld, AA flashlight
2. AA powered headlamp
3. Sharpie
4. Pocket sized pad of paper
5. Cash, minimum $40
6. Decent quality multi-tool
7. Power bank
8. USB cord
9. Car and wall charger
10. Comprehensive, compact medical kit (including any specialized meds)