When to choose your own home inspector.

So your offer has been accepted on a new home. It’s time to schedule your home inspection. Your realtor says here’s a list of a few home inspectors, why don’t you check their prices? Sounds like a good idea, Right? Oh, what does this really mean? It means that you’ve been told to use the lowest common denominator to make the biggest financial decision of your life, instead of, how can I safeguard this purchase and get some really good advice?

Let’s back this up a little. What are you looking to do when you hire a home inspector? OK let’s start here: write it down, what are you looking to do when you hire a home inspector? If you don’t know, maybe you should research it or talk to your Realtor about what your objectives are with a home inspection. I recommend that you start with a few questions. What is a home inspection? What are my legal rights that are written into my purchase contract? What are the consequences of a shoddy home home inspection? What will happen to me if there are lots of hidden defects and maintenance expenses? Is there a return policy on this purchase? Will that home warranty I’m purchasing cover everything that isn’t found during an inspection? Will someone buy back this home if it’s a money pit? Should I do my own research?

Well, that is a lot of question marks. Here are the “Cliff Notes”: There are a ton of self proclaimed home inspection experts out there. It is really easy to find out what these experts are good at; marketing. Compare inspectors for yourself. Value their ability to provide quality guidance. Find a home inspector that it good at report writing and inspecting.