Certified Move In Ready

It's not CMIR!

Hey Listing agents; The Real Estate market in Northern Colorado is showing signs of returning to a balanced, neutral market. With that in mind, I think it’s time to look at getting homes pre-inspected.

We call pre-inspected homes CMIR, “CERTIFIED MOVE IN READY”. A major benefit for any seller, a CMIR inspection helps secure the deal by sharing the homes condition in a written report, produced by a professional inspection firm, the conditions listed in the report can no longer be used by the buyer to back out of the transaction or for negotiations on price or repairs. With nearly 10,000 inspections under our belt, we can tell you that surprises found by the buyer’s inspector are the #1 reason deals fall apart. In almost every case, the seller has been clueless that these concerns exist and loose the sale because the buyer walks away. Having your listing Certified Move In Ready eliminates any surprises from the very beginning. Top producing real estate agents want the transaction to be pleasant for everyone without any nasty surprises or road blocks that can ruin the deal. Having your listing Certified Move In Ready will eliminate the nasty element surprise, allowing the seller to address any concerns they wish, on their own time frame and with contractors of their choice without being held hostage by a potential buyer. With all concerns identified and addressed the transaction will go more smoothly and much faster. The Future For Any Real Estate Transaction. For more info, go to: https://coloradoprofessionalinspections.com/pre-listinginspection.htm