Why do we hire these people?

Well this is a perfectly good day to rant about the poor quality of home inspectors out there. I’m inspecting a home that another inspector had looked at previously. I was given a copy of his report and started going through it. The inspector was certified but seemed to be completely incompetent. He was concerned about an unsupported front porch which turned out to be unsubstantiated, yet missed other structural possibilities. He claimed to have inspected a very steeply pitched roof, yet missed a torn roof jack boot. (Pretty sure he didnt climb on a 12/12 pitch roof) Where do these guys come from? And why do realtors tend to recommend them? The report summary had 44 items on it. They were almost all completely irrelevant. Of course, with this advice the purchaser backed away from a perfectly good, well priced house. I feel sorry for that buyer, I think they will definitely regret buying another house, probably in worse shape, probably for a bunch more money. On the other hand, the buyers I’m working with are getting a good deal on a great house with just a couple of minor issues. 😉