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10 Safety Tips For Gas Fireplaces

10 Safety Tips For Gas Fireplaces

  1. There is no acceptable reason you should smell gas. If you do, immediately shut off the gas valve leading to the fireplace and have your fireplace serviced.

  2. Never operate a sealed or direct vent fireplace without the glass securely in place.

  3. Any discoloration around walls or mantels of the unit indicates a safety problem.

  4. If your pilot continually goes out, there is a reason! Have it serviced.

  5. Sooting anywhere in or outside of your fireplace is unacceptable. It means that there is a problem.

  6. Always check the manufacturer’s manual for specifics about log placement, secondary air, and termination.

  7. Never make alterations to the burner tube or pan without direct permission from the manufacturer. This also includes modifying the firebox.

  8. Never turn up gas pressure to get a better flame.

  9. Never replace your gas fireplace logs without first calling the manufacturer or the authorized dealer.

  10. Have all gas fireplaces serviced annually.



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