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10 reasons why you should choose a Professional Home Inspector, like us.

“A budget inspector can save few a few dollars on inspection day, but cost you big bucks later. Choosing the right inspector can save money and keep your family safe every day!”

10 steps to choose a Professional Home Inspector.

1. Look For Writing Skills

Look for writing skills. These findings will be used to make the most important decision of your life. Many Home Inspectors can't write! They rely on those useless, checkbox, form style reports. Home Inspection is a thinking man's profession.

Sample Inspection Report
Download PDF • 475KB

2. A summary section

Look for the summary section at the beginning of the Home Inspection Report which makes it faster to glean the important defect information on the report.

3. Digital Photos

Digital photos make it easier to understand the significance of the defects, and give you leverage when making your argument for seller repairs or concessions.

4. Check your Home Inspector’s experience

Most home inspectors add their construction and educational experience to their claimed home inspection experience. "Some Loveland Home Inspectors will claim 15 or more years

"Home Inspection" experience in their first year of doing business!"

5. Get your inspection report on-site

The report should be emailed to all interested parties at the conclusion of the home inspection. You will want to discuss the findings immediately with your Realtor and other interested parties.

6. Order a Radon Test

Order a Radon Test from your professional Home Inspector. The City of Fort Collins commissioned a radon study and found that 2/3rds of local homes have elevated radon levels. Pro tip: Make sure your Home Inspector has a continuous measurement monitor.

7. Research your Home Inspector's certifications

The Gold standard is the "Certified American Society of Home Inspectors" designation. It ensures that the inspector has passed a psychometric knowledge test and has completed 250 fee-paid inspections. "Other designations are so easy to get that your next home inspector could be a trained monkey".

8. Hire an experienced Inspector

Hire an experienced Inspector to do your Home Inspection. A Home Inspector that has less than 5 years experience is really just an apprentice that could still be making mistakes.

9. Know which inspector you are getting

Know which inspector you are getting if, you are choosing a multi-inspector firm.

10. Follow-up question availability

Make sure your Home Inspector is available for follow up questions.


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