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Meet Bruce Czech, Founder and Certified Inspector

My name is Bruce Czech. I'm the president and founder of a home inspection company called Colorado Professional Inspections. We are based in Loveland, Colorado. Right from the very beginning my mission has been to protect you from buying a "Money Pit". Buy or sell your new home with confidence! See the difference an experienced, professional Home Inspector makes.


Founder & Certified Home Inspector

I have completed over 4,000 home inspections in the Northern Colorado Front Range since 2000.


I will personally inspect your home. You can feel confident purchasing your home, know that your inspector is CERTIFIED by the American Society of Home Inspectors®. My inspections exceed the ASHI® Standards of Practice, the gold standard in our industry.


  • I am a member of the Historic Building Inspectors Association (HBIA) and specialize in demanding older home and high value inspections

  • I have high-tech Home Inspection equipment: moisture meters, gas detector, CO detector, and infrared camera. 

  • My Inspection reports  are easy to read and understand. I use sentences and pictures to create a narrative style report to explain defects as opposed to confusing form reports.

  • I take pride in making it easy to understand what you are buying.

  • I observe the ASHI Code of Ethics and have been a Certified Member of ASHI since 2001.

Bruce Czech, Colorado Home Inspector
Colorado Certified Home Inspections


A budget inspector can save you a few dollars on inspection day, but cost you big bucks later. Choosing the right inspector can save you money and keep your family safe every day! Our mission is to do the hard work, that gives you the best inspection, that will empower you to make an informed home buying decision.



Bruce has completed over 4,000 home inspections in the Northern Colorado Front Range since 2000.


The Gold standard is the "Certified American Society of Home Inspectors" designation.


Our reports are promptly emailed to my clients and their realtor at the conclusion of the home inspection. After that we are available anytime for questions.

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