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Antique Home

These homes require the extra attention to detail that Bruce, an experienced member of the Historic Building Inspectors (HBIA), can provide.

Antique and Old Home Inspections serving Boulder, Colorado, Fort Collins, Longmont, Estes Park, Loveland, Greeley, and surrounding areas.


Older and antique homes require special attention, both at purchase time and down the road. Only a member of the Historic Building Inspectors Association is likely to be qualified and understand the complex issues of older home construction. If you are buying an old home, you will want to know the condition and what to expect in the future


These homes typically experience many different levels of home maintenance, and keep in mind that construction methods have also changed over the years.


Practices that are taboo in residential construction now were common practices in the past, which can cause an older home to age poorly. A home inspector must sift through the attributes of the house and determine which are character, and which are important information that a home buyer must know before they buy.

At Colorado Professional Inspections, we spend a lot more time inspecting older homes and charge a little more to inspect them. Older homes require a higher degree of skill and significantly more detailed reporting.

I love older homes. They are my passion. I live in a 1907 sugar beet home in old town Loveland. It was describe on the MLS as "may not be salvageable"in 2020 . Still, we purchased it and are working hard every week to restore and preserve it. It is a joy to wake up in a historic home.


The issue for other home inspectors who are not Historic Building Inspectors like us is that they use standardized home inspection report templates that aren’t suitable for old and antique homes.


While these templates help a modern home inspector manage their time by having a wealth of cookie-cutter comments about modern homes, they often don’t have a comment library that accurately describes conditions and systems used in the last century and before.


In general, old and antique home inspectors require a narrative report style and a comment library that accurately describes the vast universe of conditions and systems found in these homes.

Colorado Historic Building Inspector
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